401 - Storyteller - An Interlude: Education Through Heroes and The Greatness Of Muhammad Ali

The heroes we hold up help shape our actions as we strive to emulate the people we admire most. Mark uses this Storyteller as an Interlude from his autobiographical book on tape to discuss the importance of the heroes in his own life and how they helped shape him. As the story unfolds Mark explores not only the fame most heroes receive, but how they use that fame to better the world. Muhammad Ali came out of Louisville just like Mark and helped illustrate how anyone can rise above their surroundings and use their voice to challenge the status quo. While this bravado can come at a cost, if you truly believe in what you're fighting for, then what can be lost is inconsequential to what can be gained. Who are the heroes of our time? What are they using their voice for? What are you fighting for? What will you use your influence for? Mark uses Storyteller to frame these questions and point our minds to the future where our success awaits anyone willing to work for it.

Rumble, young man! Rumble!