386 - Storyteller Chapter: No.2


Transitions are always difficult. When things are uncertain it can feel like an eternity until we find our footing and make progress. Mark takes us on a journey through his senior year of high school and delves into the poignant moments that forged him into the person he is today. This Storyteller episode picks up right where Chapter No. 1 left off where Mark is coping with the loss of his first love and begins seeing the world through a much more mature lens than most of his peers. After the fragility of life is exposed to you, everyone else's rules and expectations can be an unbearable thing to live under and as Mark finds his wings, we hear about the triumphs and failures that come along with transitioning from a young man to a responsible adult. This Chapter in Storyteller has everything: weapons from Walmart, foreign exchange girls, touring on the weekends, and receiving every single award at a high school graduation. Learn the value in hindsight and humility with Mark on this adventure back into southern Indiana and a boy who knew there was more out there for him.