349 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Tons of printing talk! Tips on working with and creating perfect transparent colors layers, how to send your print work out the door to communicate properly with your printer exactly the results you are looking for.

Talking Points on Episode 349
- Communicating with printers on getting the exact colors that you want.
- Working with transparent colors and seeing as close to possible what the final will look like. 
- Color mixing and displaying tips.
- Print file setup tricks to make sure you’re using the properly colors and at the proper intensity.
- Tough Love selection for the next Tough Love on Tuesday, April 5th.
- Mark encourages everyone to not design free posters for the Sasquatch Music Festival. He explains in detail why this is a bad thing for the design community and that Sasquatch are fully aware of this fishing scheme for free work. 

In The Circle of Trust

- Mental Design Challenge. Is there a way for network TV to save the award show?
- Can old media survive and coexist with the interruption of Social Media?
- Mark participates in a phone survey for the presidential elections and fakes his allegiance for Trump to find out the real reason of the poll.
- How much education do you need to teach secondary education?
- Could you enjoy vacation when you just got laid off from work?
- Getting clients to properly promote your end of the project.
- Never being satisfied.