327 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Volume 2: Dov Kelemer

The Collection happens the first Wednesday of every month on Adventures In Design when toy famous designer Huck Gee joins us along with special guests and we talk about the world of collectable designer toys from collectors to designers. We evaluate Huck’s first month in 2016, cleaning up his web store and still plotting and panning his future. 

The Collection Volume 2: Dov Kelemer of DKE
Chances are any vinyl toy or art toy designer you can name at one point in time Dov Kelemer and his distribution company DKE probably moved their units. We get to sit down with a guy that probably knows as much as you could know about wholesale and retail aspect of art toys. Hear his story in going from Star Wars liquidation guy to being one of the best friends a artist could ever have. 

Dov Kelemer of DKE Interview
Do shares with us how he got into the game and when he knew it was time to walk away. He explains how he helped designers keep their egos in check, so that they could go on to cash some checks. The truth about how wholesale really works and just how much you need to sale at narrow margins to keep the lights on. Dov has two decades of wholesale experience and has sold millions of dollars of product. Dov shares with us all the hard math behind the industry. 

Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Huck Gee and Dov Kelemer of DKE (Paid Content)
• Huck and Dov theorize the future of the collectable market.
• Dov shares his advice on how to get into the world of selling your own produced toys.
• The future of collectable wholesale and retail.
• Funko Pop’s place in the designer market.
• How to get your product into stores and how to pick the right stores.
• Everyone is doing what their doing right now because they have to, whats best for you may not be best for others.
• How to find your market of customers. 
• The Frank Kozik publishing business model.
• The good and bad side of consignment deals.
• Explaining the breakdown of fees and services when working with a reputable wholesale disturber.