325 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

Home Alone. Sean’s first month of full-time freelance has wrapped up and we get to hear all about his new schedule and struggles with first time homeownership. Sean also shows off his first big project release of 2016, you can head over to SeanMort.com to see what he was able to pull off in month one that will earn him passive income for months to come.

The State of The Podcast.

Mark Brickey kicks off another monthly segment where the first Monday of each month he’ll give you a report on how the podcast as a business is growing, plus share his business and emotional goals for AID. Plus give insight into the programming and future plans of the podcast.

In The Circle of Trust

Mark and Sean read a pretty heartbreaking listener letter about the truth in saying NO. Sean gives Mark advice on making sure he keeps designing and the guys review the list of new and returning TV shows for the winter TV premieres. It feels like Two for Tuesday on this double Monday episode!

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