323 - Rich Kelly “The Tall Guys Are Winning”

Illustrator Rich Kelly joins us to talk about fear of running out of time and ideas. 

Talking Points on Episode 323
- Adam Driver’s face.
- Tall Guys Versus Smashed Heads. Last we met Mark broke down Rich’s illustration style into groups. It seems the Tall Guys are winning over the clients but the Smashed Heads are winning over his Instagram.
- The Fear of Apple N. Creating new projects and the fear of coming up with new ideas.
- Exercise Your Brain. Finding clever ways to day dream and working on your creative mind skills.
- Always A Baby. How the world and your awareness keeps growing much like a baby’s world keeps slowly evolving. 
- Attack Position. Rich Kelly made a Star Wars poster in 2010 that received a lot of criticism. We revisit that feedback to see how has grown from that experience.

In The Circle of Trust
- Pulling Back. Has Rich Kelly gone soft on the crazy exaggerated style that he’s known for or is this first steps of a new style evolving. 
- Eye–Hand Coordination. Rich Upgraded his setup to a tablet styled monitor where he now can illustrate directly to screen, we talk about what get’s lost when using that illustration pad versus the monitor.
- A Painter In Disguise. Rich creates really loose illustrations on Instagram that look like paintings, is he secretly a painter in illustrators clothing. 
- What Really Is A Warm Up Sketch?
- Time Management. Time is more important than money, Rich and Mark talk about saving time… or at leas trying to.
- Managing Your Clients. How a contract can keep clients on a short leash and put you in control of your schedule.
- Wet Hot American Summer. We love it!