307 - “How To Create Beyond The Logo, Designing Full Client Branding Concepts” with Leah Faust of lfnco.

Leah Faust is not only an accomplished typographer and experienced branding designer, but she’s also able to create what lives beyond the written word, designing full concept and experience strategies for her clients. Leah sat down with Mark back in November and shared her company’s complete consulting technique from start to finish. In true Adventures In Design form she also overshared with us her uniqueresume, humble and strange design beginnings and anything else that was thrown at her. Meeting your spouse through he internet when it was creepy and no acceptable. 

Topics On Today’s Episode
• Why To Ditch The Term Freelancer.
• Finding A Niche For Your Business.
• Developing Strategic Business Plans.
• Creating Compelling Product.
• Creating Client Budgets.
• Annual Planning.
• Project Management.
• Company Culture.