288 - William Stout "An Embarrassment Of Riches"

William Stout  is a fantasy artist and illustrator with a specialization in paleontological art. His paintings have been shown in over seventy exhibitions, including twelve one-man shows. He has worked on over thirty feature films, doing everything from storyboard art to production design. His resume even includes theme park design for Disney Imagineering.

Talking Points From Episode 288
- How getting fired every week when you complete projects as a freelancer is really the ultimate in job security.
- Being part of the LA 60’s Rock N Roll explosion and 70’s Punk Rock.
- Working on the movie Predator and how William influence it’s ending.
- Collaborating with others when working in film and doing character and set design for film.
- Being a Imagineer for Disney.
- Virtually walking through your creations in mind to problem solve when creating new worlds.
- Letting the problem dictate the style in which it’s solved.
- Negotiating for royalties on character design.
- William’s life long love, studying and illustrating dinosaurs.
- King Kong as a sad character.

In The Circle of Trust
- A very emotional but insightful round of Hire, Fire or Retire with William Stout.
- We wrap up our thoughts on William Stout.
- Make More Money, Spend The Same.
- Mark opens up an amazing listener gift.
- David's dread for the Holiday approaching while designing on the floor in retail.