272 - Jordan Buckley “Money On The Table”

Mark’s long time friend Jordan Buckley of Every Time I Die comes back for his second appearance where we explore his last year of taking a step back from the fast paced, self imposed deadlines and instead found fun drawing on trash. 

In The Circle of Trust
- Backstage and Recording Studio Stories.
- How Weezer Recorded The Perfect Drum Sound.
- Getting Picked To Be The Official Artists For Warp Tour 2016.
- Mark Givse Jordan Custom Fit Career Advice To Keep His Career In A Straight Line.
- The Challenges of Daily Drum Doodle.
- Wanting To Make Each Piece of Work Better Than The Last.
- Song Writing and Collaboration When In A Band.
- The Ugly Secrets of Ozz Fest.
- Dance In The Flames of Chaos With Jordan Buckley.