265 - Phantom City Creative - Justin Erickson

From MondoCon 2 we get to meet Justin Erickson one half of the Toronto based dynamic design duo known as Phantom City Creative. We speak to Justin about all of the work that you don’t see when you look at their powerful minimalist designs. Justin allows us to see how he gets down to the essentials needed to tell the visual story. With body of work that has several vinyl packing designs and numerous posters for movies, bands and TV shows we get to hear some of the mindset that has created such a strong body of work. From hiding the Jerk-Off factor of Superman to looking at your career as a iceberg where people only see a small part of the hard work that goes into creating you work, it’s all here in yet another great interview recorded live at MondoCon 2 in Austin, Texas.

In the Circle of Trust.

Mark talks about the constant commitment to working for yourself and how there is no such thing as “off time”. He also talks about spending time with family and trying to understand different lifestyles.