262 - The Sucklord

The most notorious super villain in all of collectable toys joins us today to talk about Suckadelic the collectable vinyl toy collection created by The Sucklord. Born and raised in New York City The Sucklord is the intergalactic bootlegger to end all bootleggers. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 262
- The early days and creation of Suckadelic and The Sucklord.
- The rise and fall of the collectable toy world through the eyes and experiences of The Sucklord.
- Creating your place in the industry versus waiting for the industry to invite you to the party.
- Letting your personality guide your brand and not worrying about trying to please everyone.
- How flippers may not directly make you more money but in reality help you drive up prices and strengthen your demand. 
- What it’s like to emotionally and financially go through a trend driven industry collapsing.
- Knowing when to stop.
- Next steps in the career of The Sucklord.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) 
- The personal story of The Sucklord and how his childhood and love of Boba Fett  inspired his creations.
- From a Boba Fett impersonator to The Sucklord.
- Being on Bravo’s reality TV show “WORK OF ART: The next great Artist”.
- The Sucklord’s shittiest day at the office.
- Mark’s theory on riding trends and not letting implode.
- The physiology of collecting and the instant sellouts.
- Repeating your mistakes?