214 - Adam Brackney "WKRMN"

Adam Brackney runs his own one man wrecking machine called Workerman where he hand produces chef knives, pocketknives, jewelry and hoe accessories. Every item is hand made by Adam.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 214
- Realizing that there was a market for well crafted handmade chef knives.
- Understanding the creative process and learning to properly price it.
- Making a product that your customer forms a relationship with.
- Dealing with people that ask where you get your supplies from.
- The wacky world of Instagram auctions and how WKRMN is taking full advantage of this trend.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- How expensive manufacturing startup costs keeps the little guy out.
- A strategy on creating a open edition line products, to make sure you always have some items in your store.
- How Adam handled a couple of design students that ripped off one of his product designs.
- Understanding how to get into owning a CNC machine to expand your range of services.