209 - Jason Edmiston "Happy Canada Day"

Canadian fantasy painter Jason Edmiston stops by to explain how he’s created a way to turn his paintings into screen prints.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 209
- Jason’s step by step process on creating screen prints that look just like his paintings.
- We learn how Jason breaks every job down into several products making his earning potential much greater than most.
- We break down the cash flow of Jason’s career and try to learn if someone at his level can actually do big show and then create the padding to work comfortably on his next big idea.
- Mark asks Jason if he thinks he’ll ever tire of painting pop culture.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Jason talks about his love of social media and inviting people into the art experience.
- We find out about Jason’s dream job he landed and some other fun corporate gigs he’s landed.
- The heartbreak of having to walk away from your work and go live your life.
- Staying hungry and keeping yourself motivated to keep working hard even if you have the taste of success.