1023 - iPhone 11 Pro Vlogging At Disneyland


The new iPhone 11 Pro showed up late last Friday, just in time to unlock it, put in a passcode and take it to Disneyland. On the drive out to the park, I wondered can the iPhone 11 Pro replace a standard camera for the purpose of vlogging on YouTube? The pure chaos of Disneyland will push any camera and user to its limit! Every vlogger's nightmare pf constantly changing light sources, surging volume levels, and something insane happening every 10 seconds. If a camera can make it here, it can make it anywhere.

Watch today's episode and see how the iPhone 11 Pro does without ANY gimbals, 3rd party software, external microphones or Adobe Premiere color correction or frame rate adjustment. What you see in the video as raw is it comes. Hopefully, this will help you decided if you need to shell out big bucks for a new camera or simply upgrade your phone.

Now from the Circle of Trust perspective!

If you listen to the monthly solo installments of Comment Below you know all about the details of growing a YouTube channel. Does getting a video out one day after the phone drops, testing it for YouTube combined at the most Instagramed location in America move the needle? We will all find out how effective it is chasing the trends and attaching your channel to a product and search term while it's red hot. Listen to next month's episode to find out how the experiment played out.

AND if you don't care about Disneyland or YouTube, congratulations here's a phone review to watch. If you don't care about Apple products well then threes strikes I'm out, but at least I tried to entertain you.