ANIMATED - The Future of Disney Animatronics

Friends! How in the hell did we end up already in the summer months of 2019? It seems just like yesterday Paul Conroy, and I was getting you pumped up for the new year with episode 878 The Power Of You! Well, 88 episodes later we find ourselves at the start of summer, and there's a handful of things that I want to share with you before I slip into an "off" week.

I believe in always being a work in progress, live a little, make a plan, take good notes, review it all, and then adjust the plan. Repeat over and over again until it feels right. I have dabbled for the last 18 months in the YouTube space, where I have tried often and put in some serious hours trying to crack the code of where I fit in that exciting creative environment. What could I do that would excite me but also get a decent return on my time. After trying many shortcuts, I went back to my roots of doing what I think I do best, working fucking hard at being my best. The video up above I'm excited about because I know it's the best I can do. Not to say that I don't think I can get better, but for my first ever Adobe Premiere project and for being my first ever mini documentary I feel like it's better than what I could have hoped for. I'm not trying to oversell it but trying to invite you into my thought process of pushing myself.

Adventures In Design is the best job I have ever had, but it's demanding, and 200 episodes is a grind. There's so much more sometimes I wish I could do but midnight comes early and then I need to move on to the next project. Why make YouTube the same way? Why ride to merry-go-rounds at the same time when everyone knows that one merry-go-round is enough because it's a shit ride. So, the idea became what would it look like if I did my dream gig, for my dream client and I gave myself the space to be a student but also master the workflow, hoping to create a template to do the first project again several times but with more speed and enjoyment from self-confidence.

Animated The Future Of Disney Animatronics is my first monthly Disneyland Story. Where I hope to share with you how the design of the park inspires me, the magic makes me emotional, and the future of imagination excites me. I hope to share with all of you not only the videos but the creative process as well as how the channel grows. I feel like I found my spot and I can't stop thinking about all of the fun projects I'm going to bring to life, only because I finally permitted myself to do what I really wanted to do, not what seemed easy or not what I thought others expected from me. Yes, I am selfish, but it's my time, my dream and damn it great art comes from selfishness. A great project is one that you dream about putting the world on pause, so you can just work on it unobstructed without life getting in the way of work. Let's hope I can do that great art part! Wish me luck.

Even if Disney or Disneyland isn't your thing, I think following the channel will be. I found a niche, that excites me and a product that I feel is missing from that market. There are hundreds of Disney inspired channels. I know I watched them all during my research. However, I think I have a new spin on what's missing and bring a professional tone to a creative space that can be a little sloppy. I'm making the product that I want to exist, and I feel others are just like me. That concept worked with AID, and I consider this a HUGE success. Can I strike lightning twice, I think I can, and I'm willing to document it all to each of you. The highs, the lows, the time that it takes, the lessons learned and every dollar made... which right now is $0.00, but it's not about money, and that's why I'm making the channel 100% transparent. It's about the journey and making that journey into content and keeping it fun because I already have a job.

And speaking of my J O B! The next three months June, July and August AID will be in its summer schedule, which means 15 episodes per month. I'm not really sure yet how that rolls out per month or per week. I don't want to, which is why I'm bringing you in on the process. Now that I have my YouTube plan sorted out, there are some things that I want to work on with the show. Some parts that I want to rebrand and some new things that I want to try.

In August we will hit 1000 episodes, and I would like for that unbelievable milestone to bring some change. That's why I'm letting you know right now how many episodes you are getting and that some days the show won't be there at midnight. You are not getting ripped off, still going to make it to 200 by years end, but the schedule is going to be a little different. I want the freedom to get lost in the process and pull off some of the things that I think I need to do to make sure we make it another 1000 episodes. So save them and enjoy the back catalog and put the AID Episode Bot to work, but I now have enough summers under my broadcasting belt to know that you too get busy over the summer months.

We have another Circle of Trust exclusive Hammer Time dropping this Friday and the real reason why the guy who hates to write is giving you a small short story is tomorrow is the day that we go to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, and I can't believe after four years of following every detail tomorrow I get to walk into this new land. I haven't watched any videos since Wednesday, and it's not spoiled for me. This will be an amazing adventure because tomorrow I get to go to a NEW Disneyland park and that only happens so many times in your life. Thursday Jerrod and I will be recording Disneyland For Designers episode 6 that will drop a week from this Tuesday, and I can not wait to have that conversation where we review the new land from the designers perspective.

Thanks for making it this far in both this small book and my career. I appreciate you trusting me with your time and money, I feel more excited than ever to do my job, and I'm so stoked that we are on this adventure together. Have a good week, enjoy your summer and we'll be back on Friday with a new episode.

May The Force Be With You!