919 - Alvaro Naddeo "My Father's Son"


Brazilian born Alvaro Naddeo grew up the son of a professional illustrator and because his dad was soo good at illustration he thought he sucked and decided not to pursue the arts. Decades later after settling into being a new dad and an advertising Creative Director, Alvaro started to find both time to paint and his voice in his work. Fast forward ten years later and he's building a world based off the disposal nature of overconsumption and shining a spotlight on the beauty of urban survival. Even though his painting career is taking off, he purposely keeps it his end of the day zone out session in his two-car garage where you can find him listening to Brazilian soccer podcasts and leaning into his, tiny but massively detailed watercolors.

Alvaro shares how he slowly found his style, his unique technique in storytelling how manages the balance of life and how many of the objects placed into his work are items that he always wanted to have but could never manage to get his hands on.

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