879 - The Top 18 Pieces Of Media From 2018 - Comment Below

Due to snicket network problems it took an extreme amount of time to put this recording back together. Later today I will upload a different version that has theme songs and ads. I know you really just show up for the ads so make sure to NOT listen to this version and hold out for the episode that has your favorite hits from Jakprints, Pin Game Strong and Grizzly Wheeler. Happy New Year Enjoy! -Mark


No.18 James Acaster: Repertoire Netflix - Sean

No.17 Killing Eve - Connie

No.16 Avengers: Infinity War - Mark

No.15 Nando v Movies - Sean

No.14 Escape At Dannemora - Connie

No.13 The Deuce | Season 2 - Mark & Connie

No.12 YouTube Personalties - Casey Niestat & Pewdiepie - Mark

No.11 Idles Joy as an Act of Resistance - Sean

No.10 Sharp Objects - Connie

No.09 A Star Is Born - Mark

No.08 The Haunting of Hill House - Sean

No.07 Better Call Saul Season 4 - Connie

No.06 Mid90s - Mark

No.05 Bros: After The Screaming Stops - Sean

No.04 The Americans Season 6 - Connie

No.03 MSNBC Deadline White House & The 11th Hour - Mark

No.02 Ozark: Season 2 - Mark & Connie