813 - The Top 10 Poster Countdown August 2018


The Poster Countdown continues with the August 2018 countdown where we see who we can make happy by winning the countdown gold and who we can bum out by leaving them out in the cold. Today ’s Poster Countdown not only features our top 10 posters of last month but also a review of Mondo’s San Diego, Comic-Con poster offerings. After weeks of feeling like Jack White posters have been falling short can DKNG offer a breath of fresh air into the ongoing series, a new segment is born "Posters That Make Me Feel Sick" and does it bother you if a poster looks a little to posterized versus being illustrated and thoroughly rendered. Be aware Billy Baumann is in a mood on this episode and can’t name one person that he likes, while the rest of us think about style fatigue. 

Your Top 10 Posters For August 2018


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Mondo SDCC Poster Review