teleMARKeting - New Call Added 10/06

A new ongoing AID Network YouTube series TeleMARKeting. Every Saturday get a new phone call or one from the Brickey archives. Feel free to pass along to a friend!

Old man Brickey is drunk on his roof and ready to burn it all down. Sick and tired of a leaking roof that all the neighborhood kids have started throwing Bird Scooters on. Your Roof Garbage.

Home repair is one of the oldest telemarketing scams going. This guy got a little more than he was hoping for when he was invited to not only come on over but to help burn the house down.

I’m back in the game and recorded this call just this past week. Damn it feels good to be a gangster! Ever since signing up with GoDaddy hosting I get a ton of the business loan calls. Let’s see what I can pull on these creeps!