829 - Scott Vogel Never Gave Up


At the age of 15, Buffalo New York's Scott Vogel found something that he loved, and he never let it go. Today's story is as much about music as it as about being in love with what makes you happy. And if you're lucky enough to have ever honestly been in love you know that day by day, it can be a struggle. Love isn't always easy or kind, but when you look back at thirty years of being in love you feel blessed, you feel lucky. For thirty years Scott has been an instrumental part of the Hard Core music scene. Being the singer for the Hard Core band Terror, creating music with a message, and taking that conversation around the globe more times than he cares to count. Mark Brickey joined Scott in his North Hollywood home on the eve of dropping Total Retaliation, Terror's newest album and he's more pissed off than ever.