Get Ready For Tomorrow! 827 - Scott Ritcher A Man Out Of Time


Scott Ritcher is a man out of time, or shall we say from a different time; he always could see ahead of the curve and would do many things that society wouldn't discover for years to come. However, there's a pain to knowing too much and boredom that comes with accomplishment, when your real pride isn't the project in front of you but instead what's next. Scott Ritcher admittedly, even though he's smarter than most, doesn't always do the most intelligent thing, but that's because he's motivated not by monetizing his passion, he's genuinely motivated by pursuing his love whatever it may be in exactly that moment.

Scott Ritcher didn't teach me the programs, but he taught me about design and what it means to think like a designer. He didn't teach me how to manage money, but he taught me how to run a business. He didn't teach me how to be funny, but he did teach me how to laugh no matter what, and we're still laughing 27 years later. This episode had no notes, no talking points or research; it's the honest telling of friendship as two friends reconnect after over ten years of not speaking. And it's the story of getting to tell someone, thank you, for changing my life more than many others ever have. Here's to the crazy ones.

Scott Ritcher