819 - Channing Dungey President of Entertainment ABC Television


Let's try to do the impossible and create something that most Americans will enjoy in 2018. Sounds unimaginable right? Welcome to the strange world of today's guest Channing Dungey who every day tries to predict what will make the most amount of people sit in front of the TV with the people that they love and introduce her network's characters into their family. It's not an easy job, most people don't keep it for long, and it can turn you into a power hungry asshole, but Channing is the good cop, using constant communication with her team to deliver the good and bad news. She remains a fan even though she's risen to an unprecedented level of success in the entertainment industry. She's friendly, relatable and still loves TV and that's pretty impressive when you've made it in the history books and can fire 25% of broadcast TV whenever you'd like.