Seasons of The Snake No.009 - Summer 2018


Why did it take us so long to make another episode of Seasons Of The Snake? Everyone's favorite Long Beach fashion icons have been working away at opening their second store Snake Eyes Society and this time they are working on providing the Working Classic look to women. 

Today's episode though really explores the struggle of staying restless with your business, the want to always grow and how we grow with the people we do it with. Miranda shares her experiences as the woman in a male-female business partnership and how she's often treated much different than Ben. 

At the end of today's episode, you'll learn how these two are different from this experience of biting off a little bit more of the American dream and the realities of growth, developing new customers, and trying to get people to walk around a corner. 

Snake Eyes Society has it's grand opening this weekend in Long Beach, California to get more information about the event or to shop online visit: