Still Gambling!


Hey Friends!

Midnight here in Portland and I'm up at 3 AM to head out to PDX for my return to LA. Due to traveling, I was unable to get my solo parts recorded for tomorrow's episode and I don't want to put up a guest episode late and screw my guest out of the same new release timelines that I give to everyone else. So, I'm adjusting this week's schedule.

Wednesday AID796 - Matt Dawson founder of Crop & Pop Up Crop
Thursday AID797 - Dan Stiles and The Legend of Lil Bandit. AKA The Gambler 500 Recap Episode.
Friday AID798 - Hammer Time 41
Next Monday - Friday AID799 "Freedom Week" 50 Questions Answered About Freelance From 10 Professionals. 

That's how the next two weeks will shake out. See you on Wednesday with Matt from Crop! Now if you'll excuse me I have 3 hours of beauty sleep to catch!



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