776 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 20: Superplastic


The Collection returns after an eleven-month break, however during this time off, our good friend Huck Gee hit his lowest of professional lows, just before he started his new project taking him to a new career high. Huck shares with us every heartbreaking detail on closing up his SF dream factory and calling it quits. However, you can't keep a good man down and right when Huck was packing it all up longtime friend and industry visionary Paul Budnitz (founder of Kidrobot) called him up asking about starting a new project together, they called it Superplastic and created Janky their first ever fully produced character. Superplastic appears to be a success right out the gate, while it re-invents what exactly makes shopping, collecting and design fun. Hear all about the rise and fall of Huck Gee and the genius of Paul Budnitz on today's episode 20 of The Collection.