Wake Up Call - Volume 01 - Chapters: 12-19


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 12-19

Chapter 12: 

The Friendship Model

4 easy steps to make friends and

change your quality of life in the process.


Chapter 13:

Your Memorial Day

If it all ended today, tomorrow would not count, 

who are you right now?


Chapter 14:

Social Media Is Not The Answer

What's the most honest, brutal way, 

to tell the truth?


Chapter 15: 

Being Real Is Your Only Real Option

Because honesty, honestly is what cuts through.


Chapter 16:

Impossible Not To Compare Yourself To Others

Can you reverse engineer your hero's success and

make a template that works for you?


ChapterS 17, 18, 19:

Three part personal evaluation

Negative Versus Realistic

Harmful Versus Helpful

Deprecation Versus Appreciation