760 - Between Meals 03 - Stress: It's Effects On The Body & How To Cope.


Episode 03 of Between Meals is ALL about STRESS, it’s effects on the body and how to cope. I am joined by my good friend and clinical psychologist at UCLA Dr. Deborah Schleicher, Psy.D and we talk about one of life’s most inevitable challenges.

Whether it comes from your job or family life, financial stressors, stress surrounding your diet and your health or even pressure from social media – while stress may be an unavoidable part of the human experience, it’s how we handle those stressors that is most important.

Listen to learn how living in a state of chronic stress can affect our health in catastrophic ways, along with simple tools to manage both internal and self-inflicted stressors, tips for practicing self-compassion, plus expert advice on how to know when to seek additional support. 

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