Circle of Trust - Schedule


What In The Hell Is Going On Here?

Dear COT,

It's exciting times for the AID Network and I want to share with you all what's going on and what to expect on this off week.

Clickbait and I are working away on the COT app and will have beta testers kicking the virtual tires in June. While this process is happening there will be some days where there will be no new shows so that we can work on the app and use our bandwidth restrictions to make sure we are uploading classic AID episodes into the app archive. This will help us make sure that when the app launches it has as many of the big names and powerful episodes from the past 750 episodes as possible to make everyone feel like they have the power in their pocket or purse on launch day.

I'm also up in Portland Tuesday - Friday recording our new series with Lincoln Design Co. "Brand Practice" which will begin in June and align with the release of the new AID Network logo created by Lincoln. While I'm in Portland I will be recording with Dan Stiles, working on our race car and conducting interviews with Matt from Crop and Tony from Industry Print Shop. As well as filming all of this for upcoming VLOG episodes. So, there's a lot of content happening this week. 

And speaking of content if you miss me while I'm gone, you can catch up Wake Up Call every day over on iTunes or at Anchor. Wake Up Call will be a part of the app and the newly designed AID.Network but for now it's on those platforms for ease of updating. Plus a new VlOG went up today featuring BTS on the latest Dan Stiles interview. Check it out on our YouTube channel. 

So from now until next Wednesday, the feed may be a little sloppy and a little weird but there will be some new content mixed in with some classics. I wanted to let you know what's happening so that it all made sense to you and you didn't think I was being lazy, because it's like the dead opposite of that right now. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding!