Creative Content Creation, Creates A Future Where Advertising & Entertainment Become One - On Shop Talk 742


Mark & Billy explore a future where the entertainment industry explodes, and we all get to catch a piece of our own. 

Today In Part One Of Shop Talk With Billy Baumann

  • Right out of the gate Billy attempts to break another show on the AID Network. 
  • How Billy negotiates with restaurants while Brickey gets up-charged. 
  • As a married man and a family man, how excited are you when everyone else leaves the house? And how long does it take before you feel lonely? 
  • Easter Candy, once again a place where Mark & Billy can't seem to find common ground. 
  • "I'm doing this to you, and you don't like it." The retelling of and AID classic. 
  • Will Louis CK bounce back? Can you still enjoy his work? Mark and Billy look at the Time's Up Movement and how it's long-term effects will shape the careers of once powerful and popular men. 
  • Will the 2017 Trump led tax bill and deregulation of Wall Street leed us all back to another 2009 economy meltdown? 
  • Mark's new love of video editing brings together his music career, design career and the storytelling his has learned through AID. Hear how he's enjoying production work that is more visual than sound.
  • Projects of passion take you to the next train stop in life, Mark has found a new passion project and is excited to see where this leap of faith takes him, as he creates for passion and for once, and doesn't think about profit. 
  • Making decisions for those in your life that simply can't decide. 
  • Is there a way to fight for higher wages as the Design Pickles of the world keep bringing the creative industry to newer lows? Brickey has a plan to lead the COT troops to a better tomorrow based on more creative and career control. 

    In The Circle of Trust. Exclusive Paid Member Content. 
  • Brickey lays out the COT content plan for 2018. Last year was about inspiring listeners to create their own IP. This year will be about motivating listeners to create their own content. 
  • Understanding your creative strengths is really about getting to know you and your studio. 
  • The media disruption is real and really good for all of us. The entertainment empires are crumbling, and we can all catch a small piece. 
  • The future of entertainment is in your space.
  • The art of editing is where the story gets told. 
  • Why Brickey is excited about Podcast The Animated Series, Between Meals and hopes to us the AID Network to build more content that doesn't feature him. 
  • Understanding where you can delegate and where you can't let go. 
  • Mark and Billy are having a hard time understanding folks that aren't into anything?