Disneyland Guide - Every Pixar Fest Decoration In Disneyland, California Adventure, & Downtown Disney


Use this VLOG as your Disneyland hack to quickly navigate to every area in the entire Disneyland Resort that has new theming up for Pixar Fest.

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Whether you're coming out to the park and want to know the location of every Pixar Fest themed area or just can't make it out this summer and want to see what you're missing out on, this video contains everything that I could find walking the paths of the entire Disneyland Resort. Starting in Downtown Disneyland, we work our way to the new Pixar Pier in Disney's California Adventure where we check out the Imagineers model for the upcoming opening of fully re-themed Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier. We also get a sneak peek at summer 2020 when Marvel attractions will officially be in the park. Walking the paths of Cars Land, Bugs Land and Hollywood Backlot we try to find every bit of theming that California Adventure has to offer for Pixar Fest. If you enjoy the Imagineers model of what's to come, we show you a model that lives in Radiator Springs all year long, a subtle but fun DCA secret find.

We walk through Disneyland to find that Little Green Men have invaded Pizza Port and converted it to Pizza Planet. We see the streets lined with Pixar bunting instead of the usual red white and blue that we look for during the summer season. All in all, Disneyland doesn't have too much going on but does this American classic need to skin itself for a summer festival theme?

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