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27 Minutes Of New Content Today

All week long the Hammer Time gang has been hanging out with you to remind all of our free listeners that the party has moved on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time.  Today we keep the party going and kick it into overdrive. Yesterday you heard the tale of Hammer staying with Fly Guy Live on tour, today Brickey shares with you the craziest family that he ever stayed with on tour. So much shit went down, but keep quiet because grandma is asleep upstairs. 

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Today's best of Hammer Time reissue features Loser Illusion parts 1 & 2. Where Biggie joins in the fun and tells us all about going to Panama and dropping 25K on stem cells, it must be nice? That one's up to you I guess on your ideal of wealth and health. Enjoy! We'll see you tomorrow with our conclusion to the rowdiest best of week we've ever featured on the show.