Gus Fieri


20 Minutes Of New Content

All week long the Hammer Time gang will be hanging out with you to remind the free listeners that the party has moved on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time. 

As a bonus for the week, Hammer Time has some new content prepared for you every morning. Today the gang talks continues talking about bad co-workers, construction worker hazing and wonder how much would it cost Hamer to create a new look for Gus Fieri

To celebrate our new podcast feed and to make it easier for new listeners to catch up with the good times over at Hammer Time. All week long we are re-releasing some of our most popular episodes from the last 16 months of Hammer Time. 

Today's first reissue is episode No.5 our first annual Memorial Day BBQ where the guys play Chip, Snack, Dough!