April TV, Disneyland News and A Breaking Down The Template of Wes Anderson Films.


A new month means a new batch of shows are returning and premiering. Mark and Sean give you a guide to what April showers will sprinkle into your TV time. 

Today In Part One.

  • 100% Brick Pick! Love on Netflix is must-watch TV and a great Wife Watcher. 
  • Disneyland show's off some seriously impressive drone vintage of Galaxy's Edge, the new Star Wars Land and Sean spills the beans on the Marvel Land that's coming to Disney's California Adventure. 
  • We take Circle of Trust members Comments Below. 
  • Cock Blockers, A Quiet Place, Ghost Stories, You Were Never Really Here and other new movies premiering in early April. 
  • Farrah Abrahams and the worst known porn negotiation in the history of people taking their clothes off in front of movie cameras. 
  • Does plastic surgery work or do you chase the beauty dragon into breaking your face?
  • Is Legion worthy to watch?  
  • Trading Spaces returns and why you can trust Ikea's models or any other store designing in small spaces. 
  • April TV Shows
  • The Last O.G.
  • Legion S2 
  • All Or Nothing
  • Rellik 
  • Andre The Giant Documentary 
  • Lost In Space
  • Fear The Walking Dead - S4 Reboot

In The Circle of Trust. Exclusive Paid Member Content. 

  • Hear how Star Wars forever ruined Brickey's childhood relationship with Sci-Fi.
  • Could a shit show watched on random become a good show? Can disruptive storytelling save a bad story or make it worst. 
  • Why the apocalypse theme is so popular and how it hooks you in. 
  • We explore the template of Wes Anderson and try to learn how to make our template in storytelling.