Suggested Episode 728 - BOB SMITH ORE-CAL SPORTSWEAR


Losing his father, separating from his wife and leaving his job wasn't exactly what Bob Smith thought he'd be talking about one year later from his first interview where he launched Ore-Cal Sportswear. It's been a tough year, and Bob doesn't mind sharing the hard facts of the last 365 days that kicked the shit out of him with you.

  • Instead of burying his feelings in work, Bob Smith decided to lean into his pain and try to become a better person in the process. He shares his coping tools with us.

  • Is it me or is it the logo? Bob Smith has worked for Nike, Pendleton and New Balance, and while there completed big projects. Bob now wonders can he make the same success of his work or has he been hiding in the safe space of famous brands.

  • Some years are rougher than others, dealing with the stress of the down years and looking for signs sent from the universe that it's going to all workout.

  • When your happy and everything is working, you don't look for signs or symbols of hope, but when life kicks the shit out of you, you're on a constant hunt for symbols and signs that you can make it and that it's all going to be alright.

  • Learning, striving and wanting to become a better person than you were before the heartbreak.

  • How families learn to cope but not find true resolve. Nothing ever gets fixed.

  • Never wanting to leave Disneyland or any place that makes you happy because the real world just isn't as good as fantasy.

In The Circle of Trust

  • The difference in confidence and arrogance.

  • Loving your job is a luck that can always offer you an escape from the pain of living.

  • Women, dogs and other items of love that we displace our pain into.

  • Moving on and moving up. Can Ore-Cal save Bob Smith?

  • The well-balanced design mind of Mark Parker and admiring folks that have balance creative and business life figured out.