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On Today's Episode

  • Email signature etiquette and how to properly self-promote.
  • The fine art of concept art and mastering keeping it loose. 
  • Being good at playing guitar and being good at songwriting are two different skills.
  • How social media is just as unfair as the real world, the rich get richer, and the poor accounts just stay poor. It feels impossible at times to get your online presence out of the digital ghetto. 
  • Variety magazine's free perfect bound book featuring different artist doing Get Out inspired artwork for subscribers. This book is 100% inspired by the world of art and design us, and many of our guests represent. 
  • Will warm design every go away and not make us feel good. 
  • Which coffee bag speaks to you?
  • We review and chime in on Sean Gordon Murphy's tweet thread calling out Mondo. An objective look at calling people out, paying artists fairly and learning not to count other people's money.