734 - Hammer Time 26 "Tavo Pinata"


Should Brickey and Hammer make a Tavo Pinata? 
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Talking points on Hammer Time 26

  • Is someone making dry humping porn? Is that a genre? 
  • The biggest favor you can do for your favorite YouTube creators. 
  • Hammer shows the real value of LA's fashion district and how he puts in the hard work. 
  • Hammer Time explores the Pinata district of Los Angeles and the definite possibility having a Tavo Pinata created. 
  • Gustavo Jaimes the most responsible tattoo artist of all time (just out luck.)
  • A Pretty amazing John Cena story. 

Circle of Trust

  • Traveling with equipment and losing your knife to TSA. 
  • Fuck Gary. 
  • The beautiful world of bootleg pinatas. 
  • Hammer and Brickey try to push Tavo into being a shot caller. 
  • The new rush to get your neck and hand tattoos. 
  • Gus's extreme Anaheim pride and what did the cops pull off the river banks?