World's Greatest Poster Artists Volume 1 - Episode 1 Kevin Tong & Matt Taylor


The World's Greatest Poster Artists celebrates a collection of interviews conducted on AID showcasing some of the most talented artists in the poster design community. 

Back in 2012 when Adventures In Design was just a hobby Mark and Billy recorded with Kevin Tong for the 13th episode and was intrigued by a career that everyone could tell was destined for greatness. Hear the trio look at the early years of Kevin's work and rise to the top of the illustration and poster scene. 

2013 not only added James Flames to the regular rotation but guests were hanging out for the Shop Talk segment at the end of the episode, the part that many early listeners claimed to be their favorite segment. A relatively unknown Matt Taylor would hang out with the guys for two hours, and everyone would walk away not only impressed by his strong work and strong work ethic but his character of being a very likable human being. 

Today hear Mark Brickey, and Mitch Putnam not only look back on the evolution of AID but how these two designers have made their work known around the world and become two of the most respected names in illustration, movie posters and printmaking.