723 - Shop Talk "Worst Episode Ever"


Have Mark & Billy finally ran out of things to say to one another? Or has Billy been overtaken by the radio(non)active flu? One way or another we can guarantee this is the worst episode of Adventures In Design's Shop Talk, which makes it not all that bad. 

Nothing's easy whether it's changing a battery, going to the movies or picking up your prescription and by the way customer service is dead. The Obama's presidential portraits are fantastic but come with one small problem, likeness. The value that we place on items that were once owned by famous folks and the feeling of losing value when no one responds to a project made of passion. All of this and a look at the week's advertising and marketing headlines. Where SnapChat leans into giving more app control to advertisers than users and McDonald's carefully markets that it "drops" the cheeseburger from the Happy Meal, but it appears this is another case of using the media as a marketing machine because nothing has changed.