853 - The Science of Sleep and How to Fix It! - Between Meals


There are very few things that are as crucial to our health as a good night's sleep.  On this episode of the Between Meals Podcast we are joined by sleep expert Param Dedhia, MD and we are talking ALL about the science of sleep and how to fix it.  Disordered sleep or a lack of sleep is a serious stressor on the body, it can affect heart health, insulin resistance, cognitive function, obesity and more. If you have trouble sleeping or simply want to optimize or better prioritize your sleep – this episode is for you. 


  • The importance of making sleep a priority, how many hours is enough?

  • Sleep quantity vs quality – which is most important?

  • The Sleep Heart Health Study (sleep apnea and it's affects on heart health)

  • Are you cheating yourself of sleep for more hours of "productivity"? How a full night's sleep can benefit your work, creativity and productivity.

  • The importance of the timing of your sleep, does it matter when you go to sleep and when you wake up?

  • What can you do if you are alert and awake at bedtime.

  • Understanding circadian rhythm.

  • Your day time sets up your night time - tips for setting up a day that will encourage a better night's sleep.

  • The importance of bedtime rituals.

  • How sleep can scrub out negative thoughts from the day prior.

  • Why you might be waking up in the middle of the night.

  • Understanding the various sleep cycles and what happens in each.

  • Stay curious. 6 common signs that your sleep is not normal.

  • If you have sleep apnea - do you NEED a CPAP machine?

  • Is severe disordered sleep equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes?

  • Why do some people sleep deeply and other people are more light sleepers?

  • Sleep supplements and other natural remedies.

  • Sleepy brain is a hungry brain.


And of course, as always, we finish the interview portion of the show with a fun game of Would You Rather?


Be sure to stick around for the wrap up portion of the show where we talk briefly about: 

  • different types of magnesium, which are best for sleeping?

  • bed time rituals and practices + things to consider for better sleep.

  • why your low carb diet may be affecting your sleep.


 Show Notes and References: http://www.tasty-yummies.com/betweenmeals06