834 - Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice No.03 "Comment Below"


Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice No.03 "Comment Below"

Episode No.03 of Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice, we explore a branding job that also included packaging design when Lincoln was hired to bring the Mighty Mugs toyline back to life. Sometimes branding is only half the fun. When Lincoln created a new identity for Maxxis Racing, they were able to take their learned design techniques on Hotwheels and transfer it to a real racing team.

In today's Circle of Trust content Mark gets to see the new work created for Comment Below for the very first time. The Comment Below podcast series covers all things media including TV, Film and a lot of YouTube. But unlike other review podcasts Mark, Sean, Connie, and Carl usually approach content from the creators perspective. Therefore creating the perfect mark was very important to give immediate context to this show's objective.

Mark looks at all of the artwork for the first time in today's bonus content creating a fascinating look into the mind of client and the difference of someone seeing the work for the very first time when compared to the design team that has lived with the work for a while.

To hear the full episode visit http://www.AIDpodcast.com and follow along with all of today's artwork at http://www.lincolndesignco.com/brandpractice/