431 Special Reissue - Please Help Adam Luedicke of The Poster List

Help Rochelle Beat Cancer!

Help Rochelle Beat Cancer!

On September 4th, 2018 we received some terrible news. My wife, my love Rochelle Brooks was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer.

Triple negative cancer is a rarer aggressive form of breast cancer that developed into a tumor in her left breast and metastasized to the nearbylymph nodes. We’re in testing (pet scan) to see if its spread anywhere beyond that and praying that it hasn’t.

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Original Episode Notes

No one likes getting beaten at their own game. You feel like your opponent figured out some secret that was always right under your nose and you never saw it. Adam Luedicke of The Poster List stepped into the craft fair circuit with digital prints for ten dollars and upset the whole game everyone was playing. While he received some flack from a few over pricing, including your favorite podcaster, he had a completely different product to sell. Mark decided that learning what Adam was doing right was better than pointing out what he thought he was doing wrong because no matter how much other vendors didn't like it, the buying public did. The Poster List has now grown into a wholesale giant with too many SKUs to count and their finger on the pulse of California while other poster artists are struggling to compete with each other. Join Mark as he sits down with Adam to hear about his success, his hard learned lessons, and his future.

Talking Points

  • Mark publicly apologizes.

  • Understanding your market and responding to it.

  • Being Mr. California when you're actually from Canada.

  • Becoming a student of what you don;t understand instead of hating it.

  • Does the buying public see the difference in effort in your artwork.

  • Time invested versus money made.

  • Do you want a tent or a sunburn and heaps of cash?

  • Being successful while breaking all of the cardinal rules of booth salesmanship.

  • The Poster List is huge in Japan.

  • A packed schedule or a happy home life?

  • The saturation point of craft fairs and the dog eat dog mentality in pricing.

  • Making wholesale an integral part of your business.

  • Pool in Vegas and earning eight weekends of work in one order.

  • Freaking out over $20,000 and how wholesale works.

  • Various options to float payments over ninety days.

  • Doing the math on a trade show.

  • Managing your cashflow for wholesale accounts and the reality of spent money.

  • The current dream for The Poster List.

  • Making your company look like a solid investment.

  • How does licensing affect your brand?

  • Developing product data from shows and gaining the confidence to take your brand to the next level.

  • The risk of taking your business to the next level.

  • Building buyer confidence and surpassing the objectivity in art.

  • The nightmare of a return.

  • They get you with the consumables in printing.

  • Making 60 - 80 designing in a week one week before you have to show them.

  • Designing in the moment for the freshest fruit possible.

  • Observing people respond to your designs in real time.

  • The infamous dinner that was the best episode of AID never recorded.

  • Keeping an open mind to learn from other people's point of view.

  • Will Mark become a surfer?

  • How Adam played an integral part to creating Unique LA.

  • Vendor saturation and buyer fatigue.

  • Making the initial show as big as possible to instill trust in your consumers.

  • What is next for trade shows in Southern California.

  • The difference between White Buffalo Parties and White Beach Parties.