689 - Life Doesn't Give A Sh!t About Your Problems - The 10th Tube of Christmas by Jeral Tidwell


Jeral Tidwell is our 10th Tube of Christmas hoping to send a little Redneck Wisdom to your front door this holiday season with "Life Doesn't Give A Shit About Your Plans" hand drawn 18"x24" silkscreen print. 

Jeral Tidwell, a regular guest on Adventures In Design, is a commercial illustrator with a focus on Hot Rod Americana as his primary subject matter. Entirely self-trained in the arts of illustration, painting, printmaking, pinstriping and airbrushing. He's as stubborn as he is stupid and never sees any obstacle as a problem but merely an opportunity to create a new solution. Tidwell once broke both of his wrists in a motorcycle accident and was too stubborn to take the doctor's advice of giving up on art and instead fully recovered by fighting with his doctor and demanding cutting-edge procedures. He's the real deal, and that's why we all love him so. 

Today with Uncle Jeral:
How much of a plan do you make for your day to day life?
The wrongful design of the toilet seat and how it's easy for a dude not paying attention to pee all over the floor.
The art of airbrushing and how Jeral mastered it while in high school. 
The struggle to stay relevant after three decades of being a commercial artist
The rage years, how as young men we struggled to keep our tempers under control and the joy of the mellower 40s. 

In Part Two The Circle of Trust
Baxter and Lacy the dogs that raised us and taught us how to understand the world better.
Mark asks Jeral for some tough love and redneck wisdom for a current depression he's been feeling.
The struggle of the sophomore release and being put on the spot to create another hit on demand. 
The black hole of social media and how it sucks us all down, plus figuring out the social media tightrope walk of guessing the new game of engagement. 
A new struggle of where to put your energy creation or curation. 
Everyone cares what other people think.