17 Lessons Learned In 2017 - Lesson 15 "Make What You Collect"


Number 15 of 17 Lessons Learned In 2017 Brian Flynn of Super 7 reminds us all that we should be making what we've been collecting. In other words, create the product that you have to have because even if you don't turn a profit, you still get what you always wanted. If that sounds too easy, Brian also looks at fear and makes us all realize what we're scared of isn't that big of a deal, so what do we have to lose? And in the three most informative minutes of AID history, Brian teaches us all the art of collectability. If you have been scared to follow your passion or playing it safe due to fear, this episode talks us all of the ledges and makes you feel like we have nothing to lose except for when we don't try. 

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