DesignerCon Is Coming 675 - KANO Chapter: II


KANO comes by the Adventures In Design studio to give us all an update since his first appearance back in July 2016 on episode 426. Massive murals, new character designs, a new daytime gig at Cartoon Network and creating the branding for DCON 2017 (find him at booth 618) has had KANO hitting the streets and working hard, but not so hard that he doesn't get time for what matters the most, his family. 

Talking Points
- Since the last time we spoke with KANO his mural career has taken off, he lets in on the joy of creating a four-story piece back home in NYC.  
- The importance of checking in with the family and making sure your work doesn't take you too far away from what matters the most. 
- KANO knows the perfect balancing act of repurposing pop-culture and intellectual properties because after all, his day job is working with many of these characters. 
- "Everyone gets the art they deserve." How coworker Bill Dunn is a creative Yoda Jedi Master and how this advice might help you make peace with annoying people in your industry. 
- Creating the signature look in KANO's work is more than just character design, using scanned textures, and reoccurring background themes helps pull all of his work together regardless of the time between the pieces. 

Circle of Trust Bonus Content
- Working in animation does KANO want to create his own show? 
- Enjoying the three-month stretches of working out of his studio doing personal work but knowing that he shouldn't turn away longterm studio animation gigs when they land in his lap. 
- Working on DCON exclusive toy drop of Colin Kaepernick and what the movement means to KANO. 
- After creating his signature character design and working on countless big studio animation projects, KANO gives you advice on the core values of excellent character design.