674 - Mark Brickey and Sean Mort


Maui Brickey and Sean Mort are back to "Sh!t Talk" (real name pending) their way through another Monday on Adventures In Design. Hear what they've been watching, step inside the plot with the boys and even grab a little homework assignment by professor Melty. 

Talking Points:
- Justice League is coming, but can we be excited? A quick guide to  Zack Snyder's directing resume and the intended audience for his films.
- Sean assigns everyone homework of three movies and three television shows to view before watching Star Wars The Last Jedi. 
- What do directors do between gigs? 
- Mark's amazing The Last Jedi movie trailer experience. 
- The strong female heroes and villains, today's girls, are given a new landscape of female pop-culture figures to follow.
- Understanding the aging of comedy and comedic characters against the ever-evolving social climate. 
- We take the modern day convenience of unlimited pornography for granted. 
- The water cooler moments are disappearing due to everyone consuming too much media, and at different schedules, it's hard to relate when we're all spread so thin. 
- John Hughes the origin of adult content with teenage characters and his influence on pop-culture for decades. 
- Mark and Sean step inside the plot of The Good Place.
- The disappointment when one of your favorite stars falls.
- Lessons learned from all the great media we've consumed in the last week.  

What We're Watching:
Reviews, opinions, and unprofessional insights on Thor: Ragnarok, The Deuce season one, Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine, Stranger Things season two.