685 - Frank Kozik - Legendary poster maker, graphic designer, and art toy creator.


In 1981 Frank Kozik single-handedly reinvented the lost art of the concert poster. In 1993 he started his own record label, Man’s Ruin Records, during this time he designed and released over 200 singles and full-length albums. In 2001, Kozik closed Man’s Ruin to devote himself full time to fine art, design and the newly emerging art toy movement. In 2014 he took over Kidrobot as the head creative director. Hear a one on one interview with an innovator of both the arts and business, that will not allow himself to be called an innovator 

In a continuation of yesterday’s show opening Mark Brickey digs deeper into a time when the record industry was smaller, and the major record labels had more control in being kingmakers. Mark showcases how the Frank Kozik business model allowed him and so many others to grab a small piece of the music industry as it was shattering. An excellent illustration of how Net Neutrality allows small business to flourish and how the creative community must not let the current political vote push us back into times like when the Big 4 ran music and culture. Listen to tomorrow's show opening for the conclusion of this three-part series on creative control versus corporate control of media.