673 - Sean Mort and Mark Brickey


Sean Mort swings by to sign off Circle of Trust week. Have fun with the slime in the bucket of life as you wrap up your week. 

Talking Point
- What we're watching: The Deuce, This Is Us, The Good Place, Ingrid Goes West, Green Room and others.
- How Sean trained himself to follow directors and not stars. 
- The pressure of going away and feeling behind with all this great content that comes out. 
- Disneyland announces a significant buildout in Anaheim at Downtown Disney. 
- Avatar's legacy and lack of pop-culture excitement. Did Disney gamble wrong on making Avatar the focus and future of Animal Kingdom. 
- Harry Potter the British Star Wars? Should Mark start Harry Potter?
- The Shop With No Name. Showing consumer confidence and not dumbing everything down all the time.
- Sean shares a local story and brings up a national debate. How long are we responsible for our previous comments and actions.
- Why we give some people a pass and others get it twice as hard. 
- Feeling sorry for people that have compulsion that is greater than their success. 
- A tribute to Sean's grandfather.