667 - Fright Rags - Creep Week 2017 - Chapter III


Ben Scrivens, president and founder of Fright Rags has created a vast collection of pop-culture inspired items for people just like himself, fans of all things horror! A one-time graphic designer that found his favorite work was the work that he did for himself while tackling the subject matter that means the most to him. Ben shares with Adventures In Design the pitfalls, hard work and happy moments that he experiences daily with running his lifestyle brand and navigating his way through the licensing, product production and consumer goods industries.

- Taking feedback and direction from your followers but keeping your voice and your company's narrative just as loud in your head.
- The year 2003 feels like a different lifetime ago.
- Being inspired by the three magic words "do something cool."
- The stress of losing your success is worst than the stress that you had building your success.
- Loving your career so much, that you don't even realize how hard you're working for it.
- Every industry is smaller than think, burn bridges, and you'll learn very quickly just how little your industry is.
- The pitfalls and rules of official licensing.
- Working your way through the connections needed to be successful in the licensing industry.
- Are today's horror films built for quick profitability and not to have a long-lasting presence in pop-culture.
- Fright Rags threshold on what's too scary, gorry, or sexy for their successful product line.

Part 02 - The Circle of Trust Bonus Content
- Black Friday strategies what tells a good story that will make shopping fun for your audience and what sale helps your business.
- How Fright Rags has been able to come up with a perfect solution for their company's Instagram needs and how they have been able to get hundreds of comments on nearly every post.
- The mindset of fandom, are we now programmed to consume more than to create.
- Envious of people that have the proper time needed for full fan commitment.
- With media consumption and production at an all-time high, Mark and Ben bond over a time when you're TV went to bed at 1:30 AM.
- How the Chinese New Year effects US manufacturing.
- Fright Rags using outside vendors to produce their products and how Ben tries to guess production times and quantities needed.
- JON WON the master mask maker.
- The happiness that comes with getting to make an item that you loved more than anything as a kid and a pure fan.
- Dream licensing properties.
- Being bound by the rules of official licensing while the bootleggers have a field day with no rules or strings attached.
- Does Ben have any plans for Fright Rags getting into producing entertainment content?
- Mark pitches a stupid T-shirt idea that you'll want Fright Rags to produce.


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