661 - The VACVVM Week - Chapter II - Teagan White


On a perfect fall day, Adventures In Design hit record with an artist that celebrates the seasons, change, death, decay and life as they are one in the same and always using her work to remind us that all of these themes are not too far away from one another. Often we find our guests after the Wikipedia is stocked full of accomplishments, today we're grabbing our co-host on the way up and telling a story that has no ending at its humble beginning. As VACVVM Week continues on Adventures In Design, in chapter II we discover the youngest member, whos age has nothing to do with her amount of determination to become the absolute best are her trade. Join Illustrator Tegan White, Mark Brickey and Bug The Cat to have a conversation about Teagan's client work created under the studio name of Tiny Moth and her personal work that has recently taken the print and gallery worlds by storm as a breath of fresh autumn air in the contemporary art scene. 

Talking Points
- The client work that Teagan does in the children's publishing industry under the studio name Tiny Moth. 
- The development of Teagan's personal work and it's masterful focus on foilage, composition and a wind that blows through it all. 
- Working without borders and the stress that comes along with capturing the illustrative spirit of a trash animal. 
- Black doll eyes and working with the theme of death and decay in your work.
- Working with The VACVVM and Teagan's lifelong desire to be advanced, to be doing the work that should be out of her range and allowing yourself to believe that you can become the best at what you love to do.