The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 464 - Anthony Green

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 01/20
AID 464

Anthony Green has used his life to travel down many creative roads and in every incantation you will find the same burning spirit waiting underneath to be unleashed. While luck and raw talent have played a pivotal role in his success, there is no denying that Anthony has a connection with every aspect defining the human experience from the most vulnerable to the most carnal. By publicly surrendering to these raw emotions, people around the world have transcended language barriers and jumped over literal barriers to share just one moment in proximity to the emotions Anthony personifies on stage that also drive them. All these experiences come at different costs that Anthony welcomes from balancing family time and life on the road to overcoming addiction and developing a whole new playbook on coping. Nothing is held back as Mark and Anthony leave it all on stage for everyone to hear in this emotional interview into the mind and heart of a perfect hollywood height little god.

*Cover photo courtesy of Andrew Swartz.

Talking Points

  • Serendipitous moments cluing you in to where you need to be in life.
  • Taking different paths to end up in the same place.
  • Decompressing from tour to take care of your family life.
  • Surrendering to the freedom found on stage.
  • The common bond between Anthony and his audience.
  • The wave on stage and in song.
  • Acknowledging the sexual energy that surrounds everything.
  • Facing your insecurities in front of everyone.
  • Giving your kids the contact buzz.
  • Looking at the family you grew up in and the family you made.
  • Changing everything about your life to develop a new playbook.
  • Anxiety, insecurity, and overcoming it.
  • Where do you place your energy and how does that reflect on what you want?
  • The evolution of the relationship with your parents.
  • Biting the bullet and soldiering on.
  • A dangerous energy lurking behind confidence.
  • Intimacy as a necessity and balancing who delivers the discipline as new parents.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire-ing it 100% no matter which side of it you're on.
  • Fighting back for your freedoms.
  • Feeling and defining God.
  • Battling with your addiction to placate introverted needs and how Young Legs pivoted to Pixie Queen.
  • The short cut to feeling great and losing your regular coping mechanisms.
  • Self reflected relationships with Scott Weiland on social media.
  • Offering yourself up to the world and holding the audience in the palm of your hand.
  • Breaking the cycle of hero worship and sharing what you're scared of the most.
  • Anthony's Black Book and daily exercises to express yourself.
  • Seeing past the wildness to your wellspring of inspiration.
  • Becoming a mountain and staying in love with music.
  • Staying humble in the face of praise.
  • Hearing your voice for the first time on old tape recordings.
  • The  unquenchable desire to make music even during your off time.
  • Different bands. Different energies.
  • Yoko Ono Syndrome and being yourself at home.
  • The father Anthony wants to be.